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by sunray
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What is the most cost-effective way to promote a YouTube channel from 0 to 1000 subscribers? I have uploaded 4 new videos, each every week, and YouTube just totally ignores them. I guess to give it's algorithm a little push I'd need some traffic coming from elsewhere first, right? I was thinking of FB and Twitter, but I have read that they actually do not work that well.
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    It depends on subject of your youtube video channel. I think as you thought before you can initially start with all FB ,Twitter, Instagram. Its not like that these site do not work well but the thing is you have to follow correct social media as per your channel topic or subject and try to get more followers on that site.
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    Have you checked out this thread? Might suggest reviewing this thread as a start:
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    Thank you Matthew for a good suggestion. Because I am also like sunray interested in this.
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    Paying for Youtube ads isn't all that pricey so I'd consider that as a viable option too. There are also a lot of Facebook groups with communities built with the sole purpose of providing interactions on each others Youtube videos, kind of an 'I rub your back and you rub my back' type of deal. It's a better/safer alternative to getting bots to interact with your videos...
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    start to build connections and relationships to your potential customers.

    This way they will start to notice you and interact with your content. You can do it on youtube and leave meaningful comments on other videos and you can also do it on any other social media platform, you can contact people directly on facebook and speak to them, you can be on twitter and build connections etc etc.
    Decide which platform you want to focus on and deliver value to others then they will check out on their own what it is that you have.
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    The quality is more important but on the flip side publishing videos everyday will give you gauge as to what is and what is not working .YouTube channel marketing is a deep ocean.Focus on providing content that interest your audience .I have 2 youtube channels and one is taking off faster than the other.I have been publishing videos on that 1 channel evryother day. As a result I have took my subscriber rate from double digits to 750 within a 3 month time span.Mind you i used to produce marketing related content but it wasn't until I started producing entertanment content my channel started to grow .Expiriment a bit and see what works .
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    All you need to increase your traffic to your Youtube channel, no matter from which platform they come. You are suggested to share your works and links on all the social media platforms so you can get high traffic to your channel. Moreover, building connections is a great way to get traffic. All our contacts can become our customers when they receive only a little clue that something crucial is going to be shared on a particular platform.

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    1. Content must be unique or at least popular.
    2. You should work properly with hash tags.
    3. Name of your first videos should rely to main keywords of usual requests in youtube.
    For example, you are talking about freelance platforms.
    Your video should be called `I am talking about spy apps` it should just go straight into request keywords - `Best Spy apps for android` or `About Spy Apps`.
    4. Go for crowd hiring in YouTube most popular videos.
    For example, some guy has 15 millions on his video and his top comment got 1k likes and 0 replies above - you should live there intro about your channel and a link for it.
    5. You should go for advertising from another popular bloggers. But be strict with thematics, it should be strictly your direction or at least relative.
    You shouldnt request to call a food blogger to advertise your channel about Job-Related stuff.

    I hope it helps!
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    Is there a way to promote the video in Youtube without paid campaign !!
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    Hey Sunray, As per the YPP guidelines your channel must pass the requirements mentioned by google. So, Lot of video creators preferring an alternative platform to monetize videos. FYI find the list of global service providers to make a better alternative platform for YouTube.

    Check out the list here

    1. VPlayed
    2. Dacast
    3. Muvi
    4. Uscreen
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    start to build connections and relationships with your potential customers
    1. Content must be unique or at least popular.
    2. You should work properly with hashtags.
    3. Name of your first videos should rely on the main keywords of usual requests on youtube.
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    It depends on the video content. If your content is strong then you can easily enhance your youtube channel with a lot more subscribers.
    We also utilize the Youtube forum for backlinking. ERP Gold is a software that is very much useful for you to manage your Serialized products.
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    Same here, 6 months after and I have a total of 65 subs
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    Yes you definitly need traffic coming from other socia medias like instagram. If u have followers on there u can post your video on your story or put the link in ur bio.
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