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I have been watching videos about how to grow the followers base in Instagram and so far I have the following 2 techniques:
1. Facebook ads target destination instagram profile.
2. Instagram ads target destination the Instagram profile itself.
3. Buy featured shotout in accounts with lots of followers.

I have been doing this but it grows very slowly.

Can anyone recommend any other tactics?

Thank you.
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    Making interesting videos brings me some followers. Why do you need followers in the first place?
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    I am also on Instagram and not only Instagram but all social media platforms give a good number of viewers with uploading relevant, quality, and regular videos. Any content needs to be updated from time to time and it will generate a good many followers on Instagram.
    Our profile also plays a key role in enhancing the number of followers however, quality videos are a good tool. Quality here means that users don't want to watch a too lengthy video. It must be short, brief, and to the point.

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    wow these are great insights- following to learn more
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    Genious... grow your audience with ads.
    That's what fb want you to do.
    If you don't know how to grow your account, don't post this nonsense and go use ads.
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    I'm just gonna stick around too. It's like my instagram and all of my other platforms are cursed and I'm never gonna have more than 65 subs on youtube and 200 followers on Instagram
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    You have to remember when you are on social media that's just what it's about being social. You want to interact with people who seem to have an interest in the topics your page is about.

    You have to be willing to comment and like posts and be interested in what people are posting and saying. Be social and interact with their content. As a result, they'll follow your page and engage with your content.

    Instagram or any other social media site works this way. You simply look for people and become interested in them and they'll become interested in you.
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    I have a really good tactic. You have to like other peoples posts, follow them and interract. But the thing is u should have the same niche as them. For example if u post make up videos then like posts of people with make up related stuff!!
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