YouTube Shorts gets a new logo. Plus, how to get your videos features in Shorts Feed

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that newly-added feature YouTube Shorts, similar to the widely-popular app TikTok, has a new logo. YouTube also gives pointers for creators on how to get features in the Shorts Feed.

As you can see in the image above, the new Shorts logo sits directly below the primary YouTube logo in the Android app. The new logo's appearance could mean that the Shorts feature is entering its next development stage, or it could even signal its introduction into more regions.

The above image provides more clarity on how the feature appears in the YouTube app. Users can view Shorts on the home page of YouTube and then navigate through them by swiping right. YouTube is dubbing this the "Shorts Shelf.". Creating a short is easy and simple; at the bottom of the navigation bar sits a '+' icon that can be tapped to bring up the usual options, such as 'Create a Short.' This image shows the feature in action in the India region, where it was announced late last month. It is worth noting that even to gain access to this feature, channels must have at least 10,000 subscribers.

YouTube itself gave tips to creators on how they can make their Shorts eligible to be featured:

[IMG]"You can still make your video eligible for the Shorts shelf and feed, all you need to do is make sure that it's 60 seconds or under, and shot in the vertical format".[/IMG]

Youtube also spilled the beans on a whole list of useful tips creators can use tothat could possibly help increase their content reach. Some include:
  • For a greater chance of being featured on the Shorts Shelf, creators can add '#Shorts' to the title of their short clip.
  • YouTube Shorts are not kept separate from a creator's regular content, meaning they will be available to subscribers as a regular YouTube video. Because of this, channel owners will have to consider whether the Shorts they're making fit in nicely with their regular content or not, and how it will affect their subscribers.

What about other regions?

YouTube has not yet communicated wihen this feature will roll out globally, but for now, they are hard at work in the development process.
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