Is TikTok For Bussiness worth it?

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A new article on HubSpot reports on TikTok For Business, its features, and whether using it for marketing is worth it.

TikTok is a video-sharing mobile application that is immensely popular, sporting hundreds of millions of users monthly. Such a significant userbase correlates to great advertising potential. The launch of a new platform, 'TikTok For Business,' enables brands to tap into that capacity.

TikTok For Business guides marketers through the entire process of creating ad campaigns. That includes budgeting, reaching a target audience, and more. Advertising on TikTok is different from other platforms such as YouTube, where you might see various ad types, like display ads or sponsored cards. Using TikTok, marketers only have access to video advertisements, the singular ad format on the platform.

These video ads come in five types. Here are some of them:
  • TopView Ads: TopView ads appear once daily for a user, immediately after the app opens, and run for a total of 60 seconds. You can see an example of one below:

  • Branded Hashtag: Using this format can be very lucrative for businesses as it encourages TikTok users to make content around its products. For example, a fashion store recently released a new clothing line and has created a branded hashtag about it. Users might appear in their TikToks wearing some products from this line, widening its exposure. Unique to TikTok, businesses that opt for this ad type are the sole entity that can use their hashtag. As you might imagine, this doesn't come cheap; reported average costs for six days is close to USD 150,000. This figure will depend on the status of the brand. The image below shows an example of the branded hashtag ad in the app:

If you would like to see all the ad types TikTok For Business offers, feel free to visit the original article.
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    Thanks for the link. Certainly something to experiment with/monitor.

    Fingers crossed they create a serviceable as business faster than was done in Twitter / Snap's early growth days...
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    I think TikTok is a new top social network
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    I know as far as Tiktok is the best making for funny.
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    The popularity of TikTok is gaining day by day and it is mostly used by youths. TikTok has become the best video sharing app making millions of persons to upload and share videos. The TikTok ads are running successfully by big brands but After Tiktok got banned in India the share of TikTok falls sharply as it has the highest number of users in India. Yes, the TikTok popularity makes it worth for ads and revenue generation platforms.
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      • Profile picture of the author Matthew Stanley
        Yes, the TikTok popularity makes it worth for ads and revenue generation platforms.
        It's certainly enormously popular - but the key will be to develop a serviceable ad business (helps to have easy DIY self-serve capabilities, ad units that make sense and come with trackable analytics, etc)... which is a separate skill set and no easy task (as early Snapchat and Twitter proved). Hopefully they do!
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    I think that now not only big but also small businesses will gradually move to TikTok. Now it is not so massive, most is still concentrated on Instagram. But given how fast Tik Tok is becoming popular, I think Instagram will soon be in second place.
    It's just like 7-5 years ago there were not so many online stores on Instagram. But for those businesses that moved there then, it was much easier to develop than for those who went to Instagram only recently. Now they have to fight for each subscriber because the competition is higher, the algorithms are more complicated, and advertising is more expensive.
    Therefore, smart business owners understand that it is necessary to enter TikTok now because then it will be more difficult.
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  • Profile picture of the author Radcliff
    Tik Tok is slowly and gradually expanding and it would soon be the best place for business.
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  • Thank you for this, it was really helpful. I have not explored TikTok as of yet, but I plan on giving it a test next year. It does seem to be growing in popularity.
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  • Profile picture of the author Doodle Digital
    TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media networks in the world right now.

    Different companies use tik tok influencers of our society for their business. Tik Tok marketing is the part of video marketing and the best way to reach customer personalized attention for the business. It helps to increase the growth of your business.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jacey Tome
    I think so TIKTOK is the best making for fun.
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  • I agree with this ost suggestion. Thanks for sharing this precious post.
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