Now You See it, Now You Don't: Facebook's New 'Vanish Mode' - Disappearing Messages in Messenger

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Social Media Today says that Messenger just introduced a vanishing mode for messages on the platform.

Snapchat has been around since 2012, so this development seems a little late. However, people still seem to like the format, and now Messenger has finally gotten on board. Whatsapp did a similar thing just last week, and now Facebook has announced that Messenger will be following suit. The platform's disappearing messages are sightly different to Whatsapp's version. On messenger, messages disappear as soon as you leave a chat, rather than after seven days.

With Vanish Mode, your messages auto-erase when you leave the discussion. Vanish Mode allows you to swipe up on any chat in order to enable the function, then swipe again to turn it off. This functionality will also be arriving for Instagram shortly, applying to IG Direct chats.

This is how Vanish Mode works:
  • Only people you're connected to can use vanish mode with you in a chat
  • It's opt-in, so you choose whether or not to use Vanish Mode
  • You get notified when someone takes a screenshot while you're using vanish mode.
  • This is a lot like Snapchat for Messenger. It does feel like it's old, but it's also useful. Facebook says the feature will roll out gradually on both Messenger and Instagram. It's already available on Messenger in the USA and some selected locations but it won't take long rolling out everywhere else.
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    Thank you for the info!
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    Thanks for sharing. Update new things every day is how we can stand strong in
    the market place.

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    didn't thought that they would do it in facebook messenger too
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  • Maybe I'm just jaded but I think it's just a gimmick. Of course it's not going to disappear completely! You just can see your messages anymore. Facebook still needs the data to create targeted ads.
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    This mode seems interesting but I think we all are waiting for a feature that isn't a variation of some other social media application.
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    But I don't how this can improve our privacy.
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    I'm researching this bc I have a feeling that the previous, already opened, existing conversation (for example the last time me and so and so talked was December 28) I think our thread might show up at the top of my messenger inbox along with my most recent messages instead of being in order where it should be down where my other messages from that day are in my inbox. But it would appear already opened, with the same date of dec 28 and time thst our last message was exchanged. What do y'all think?
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