How to Use Facebook Groups For Marketing

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Search Engine Journal says businesses can maximize their marketing efforts by getting involved with branded Facebook groups and offers advice on doing so.

The author says that with Facebook's organic reach declining, meaning only about 5% of your followers see your content in their feeds, it's essential to get involved with Facebook groups if you want to reach more potential customers without paying for the privilege.

Brands can use branded Facebook groups to introduce new products and services, but there are also newbies around too. This presents one huge advantage. The admins are usually already hardcore fans of your products, and that makes the environment the ideal place to collect feedback. All you need to do is post updates in the group when something notable happens. You'll be giving Facebook users the first look at anything new you release, which promotes excitement and encourages comments which you can use to gauge opinion. That's a great pointer for what to expect when you go public off the platform. The author says you should vary content formats for a Facebook group to keep things fresh and interesting. Here's an example:
  • Monday: Weekly inspiration post.
  • Tuesday: Memes/fan engagement post.
  • Wednesday: News/company updates.
  • Thursday: Memes/fan engagement post + News follow up post.
  • Friday: Poll/fan engagement post.

Facebook groups also allow you to gauge if your marketing strategy is reaching the right people. Who's commenting most on your posts, and are they who you've been trying to reach? You can check out their profiles to determine that. Ask yourself questions like:
  • Are they existing or new potential customers?
  • What's their gender, age, and location?

There's also absolutely nothing wrong with being open about research and just asking group members what kind of content, products, and services they want to see from you. You can also tackle customer service issues via the group, like doing how-to videos for new and existing products and writing guides to minimize issues.

However, one of the biggest advantages of a Facebook group is you can harvest UGC. It's a great way to gather lots of reviews and positive comments, and you can use polls too. Remember to ask permission before you use anything.

This article is full of great tips for making a Facebook group work, so I encourage you to read it if you already have a branded group or you're just thinking about setting one up.
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    Nice post .For me facebook group marketing works very well and i get a nice traffic .The thing its you need to find ways to market efectively and not in a spammy way
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    Only 5% of my followers see my content in their feeds

    This is probably why i didn't get much like sand shared as i expected

    Thanks for sharing
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  • Profile picture of the author Profit Traveler
    I am not a Zuckerburg fan but the platform can be a gold mine no doubt about it.

    Inside one marketing group I was making some "Marketing Pillar Posts" posts that I really wanted to make a difference in people's lives that were struggling online and the feedback was tremendous. So much so I was offered a paid Moderator Gig for a nice chunk of change. Approaching 200,000 in that one group alone.

    But in the end if you are one to over deliver I was putting in crazy hours and stepped back from that but the reputation I earned is a definite asset now.

    But what I did find is that even the people who were struggling and loved my posts never took the time to go to my profile and opt in from my header.

    Didn't they see the bright colored arrow?

    People are really numb to the Facebook homepage opt ins in my opinion so we really do have to get in there and engage.


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    I love the layout of the strategybut I wold recommend more memes and fan on Saturay and Sunday
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    Facebook groups are a great way to promote something if you offer value when you do it.

    I use them often to promote my services.
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    Facebook groups are only good for businesses but also for bloggers and influencers as the new posts on the group with a link to your page helps in gaining a lot of followers. However, there are times when certain groups don't allow advertising and in that case, you can make your own group. That way you can advertise any way you want and let others advertise too which will prove beneficial for you as well. So that's a win-win.
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    This can work but always have other multiple streams of traffic so that if one dries up, you don't lose your business overnight.
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    lots of great information and inspiration, both of which I need, thanks to offer such a helpful information here. With these tips I had a lot of success in my Facebook group marketing.
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    If you use Facebook group for marketing. I will suggest some Clever Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Marketing.

    1. Provide Value for Customers. Create a group to reward your customers & make them feel special -- for example, a group exclusively for people who have purchased your product.
    2. Discuss Current Events.
    3. Build Your Community.
    4. Communicate with Brand Ambassadors.
    5. Promote Events.
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    very help full post for facebook marketing you can reach many customers thorugh this method
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    But who will be the next "FB group"? Younger people don't use Facebook that much anymore.
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        Originally Posted by Kari Lara View Post

        can yo tell me how to transfer traffic from fb to website
        Basically, the way you will get traffic from Facebook right now is by joining the Facebook group, then inside the group, you will answer other member question providing help and valuable answer. This way you will get noticed and some of the member's group will come to check on your profile.

        On your Facebook profile, you need to optimize your profile with the link to your website, the Facebook cover of your profile which shows your website URL. You will get traffic using this method. Just remember only provide value not spamming a link in the group.
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      I like that and its as my wife would say an 'inoffensive way' to shoiwcase your knowledge, equally I guess, you could also answer questions by way of your blog, if you have the answer on that.

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    Thanks for this post, this post is very helpful for social marketing.
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    FB groups are great because they allow you to talk to your followers directly and create conversations!

    FB groups are a secret weapon for a galvanizing tour following and turning them into highly engaged fans. FB groups allow you to talk directly to your followers directly and to create conversations!
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    What are the suggestions to get a group that is more active when they are all competitors? Facebook Groups are an effective platform to create a community and improve customer relations for your brand or business. I've come to learn that the Facebook groups never start in simple way and whip up thousands of customers who can not wait to give you money. This post helps me to take my Facebook group to the next level. Thanks!
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    Thanks for this post, facebook is good social site for marketing.
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    As facebook is the biggest social media platform, there are certain ways to Use Facebook Groups for Marketing
    1. Provide Value for Customers.
    2. Create a Facebook group for target audience
    3. Discuss Current Events.
    4. Build Your Community.
    5. Communicate with Brand Ambassadors. ...
    6. Promote Events.
    7. Strengthen Your Team.
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    You missed out "let them spy on your entire life, behaviour, opinions, habits......" That's another "great benefit" of Facebook
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  • Profile picture of the author sonnyjimmy
    I checked but I couldn't see sarcasm as being against forum guidelines
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    Very well discussed one who wants to get targeted visitors to his/her niche specific should join all those facebook groups / pages and when you are in the group, start posting your niche special posts in these groups. People who are members of particular group will visit your website if the content is appealing and is of their choice.
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  • Profile picture of the author kriveculifestyle
    I think every online marketer should have own facebook group. I think this is the best way to have all (possible) costumers in one place.

    I use my facebook group just for that. Every week I bring value to people about mindset, write updates about my online journey & business i am in.
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  • Great post to increase your social media marketing strategies. Social media increase your website awareness shortly.
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    Thanks to offer such helpful post, keep more sharing knowledgeable content.
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  • amazing post. This post is very informative and helpful for social media pusrpose.
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    Thanks for this post, I think Facebook groups are an excellent marketing opportunity if done right.
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    Facebook groups are a powerful marketing tool, helping you attract new customers and engage current ones with exclusive content, community, and support. ... Today, though, with the power of Facebook groups for business, brands have an opportunity to build fan communities in a way that just wasn't possible back then.
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