YouTube tests automated video chapters

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The eponymous video platform is experimenting with a new feature which will see chapters automatically inserted into selected videos, and will use machine learning to identify chapters within the clip. YouTube explains:

"We want to make it easier for people to navigate videos with video chapters, so we are experimenting with automatically adding video chapters (so creators don't have to manually add timestamps). We'll use machine learning to recognize text in order to auto generate video chapters. We're testing this out with a small group of videos."
If the experiment is rolled out to the general public, we could eventually see chapters added to all YouTube clips, and creators won't have to manually add them anymore. This makes it easier for viewers to skip through sections they're likely to watch (such as perhaps, skip a boring explanation).

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    That sounds like a good idea. Hopefully the automation makes the "video chapters" in places the creators actually want to break up in their videos.
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    This would save a lot of time if they actually add chapters, skipping the irrelevant parts from the video continuously is too time taking.
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    Automatic video chapters will use machine learning to recognize text and generate video chapters automatically.
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