TikTok Just Launched its Holiday Playbook for Small Businesses

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A new article on Social Media Today asks whether or not TikTok has made it onto your marketing plan yet, and predicts the social platform is set to become the next billion user opportunity for brands.

TikTok is, of course, the rapidly growing shorter-form video app. According to the platform itself, projections are it will reach that magic billion users very soon, and the author suggests that given that seemingly inevitable outcome, marketers should have the platform well and truly within their future plans. It seems that because of months of press reports and speculation about a possible US ban for TikTok, many businesses and marketers have held back from committing their budgets to the platform - or at least been shaken up by the possibility of such a thing kicking in.

However, it's now looking less likely that there will actually be a US ban on TikTok. So much so in fact, that the company has even gone out of its way this week to launch a new holiday toolkit for interested advertisers - so now might be a good time to take the TikTok plunge. It provides insight and tips for getting noticed on the platform:

>A key element for potential advertisers is TikTok's 'Holiday Playbook for Small Businesses.' That's a downloadable forty-page guide that highlights key opportunities and offers advice on taking advantage of them, covering a range of key elements in planning and executing your holiday promotions:

Much of the advice covers business processes and goals but the second half focuses on how TikTok can help, and that extends to notes on holiday templates:

Examples of trending holiday content:

There's even more specific notes about the ways you can use TikTok ad options to boost your campaigns. The platform provides checklists and notes to help design your campaigns.

If you've been thinking about TikTok but spooked by the talk of bans, I reckon it's now pretty safe to dip a toe - and this guide provides a great way to test the water!
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