Instagram is Allowing Advertisers to Create Posts with User Accounts

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Search Engine Journal reports that Instagram just made changes to branded ads on the platform, allowing advertisers to access user accounts and place organic-looking post-style ads on their sponsored users' behalf.

Ads look like organic posts but have a tag reading: "Paid partnership with [brand name]."

In the past, creating this type of ads demanded a lot of coordination between the influencer concerned and the brand in question. Insta is looking to streamline that collaboration to make placing such ads a lot easier and quicker:

"Now brands have more flexibility with fewer constraints when they want to run Branded Content ads."
Brands can now just compile an ad using a creator's account, and then the brand even gets to publish the content - once the creator approves. This is how it all works:

There are basically three primary steps. First, the advertiser requests access by going to: Settings > Business > Branded Content > Request Ad Creation Access.

After that, the advertiser types in the user's name and then sends a request. The second step entails the creator accepting that request for ad creation access. This is how that looks for the creator:

The creator then taps and gets taken to a screen where they can see see all their approved ad partners and any pending access requests:

The final step in the process involves the creator tapping "Approve." That establishes the partnership.

"These partners can create ads and submit them for your review. Only the ads you approve will go live."
Advertisers then make the ad and request that the creator approve it. Once the creator taps "Approve" again, the ad gets published from their account. Creators get the chance to decline publication too.
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    This will make advertising and collaborating with brands quite easy. I saw a few posts with the title Paid Partnership with etc but wasn't sure what it meant. Now I do, thanks to you.
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    This is super useful, the less effort on the influencer's part the more likely they are to collaborate too. Thanks for sharing
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  • This is a great feature. It's also great for content creators too. It'll make you more attractive for businesses looking to get into influencer marketing.
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    This is a welcome development and it will make advertisement on Instagram more fun and easier.
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