Reddit reports 52 million daily active users

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An article from Wall Street Journal reports that Reddit averaged 52 million daily active users in October 2020, or a 44% YoY increase in active engagement. This is also the first time that Reddit reported its daily active usage. And while it reported 430 million monthly active users December last year, the daily active user count is different.

The photo above shows a comparison of Reddit's DAU compared to other platforms. Yes, Reddit isn't Facebook and the numbers are way off the rest. But Reddit is growing, and the 52 million active users is nothing to scoff at considering the vast communities available on Reddit. There's a subreddit for basically every topic you can think of.

It may not be the top platform in mind, but Reddit has opportunities. Chime in.
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  • I'm a Reddit user and I am seeing their ad program becoming more aggressive in including sponsored links in the feed. Their targeting isn't as sophisticated as Twitter or FB yet but I expect things to improve as more people work on it.
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    I have been a reddit user and I do post interested news there. There are lot changes took place now. They need to reduce their ads, so that they can be competing with top social platforms.
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    I agree ,there is opportunity for marketers and corporations to tap in and build up a loyal fanbase whilst growing their business at the same time .
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  • As a Reddit user myself, I think it has every quality to become the top social media platform. It gives the user the privacy they needed. The best part about Reddit is, you can use it for both entertainment and business, and also for news. I personally think it is about time that Reddit becomes the top social media platform.
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    redditors is awesome as it gets and yehh its annoying ads as sometime need vpns to access theirs as well

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    Reddit has a good marketing effectiveness at some area such as games. I hope this information would help you to find your customer.
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    I agreed Reddit is a good platform for marketing.
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    No doubt. Reddit is the most grooming social network and I noticed 90% of users on Reddit are from USA, UK, Canada and other European countries. That is the best thing I see.
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  • love Reddit for its ability to surface answers, and reveal communities, around nearly anything. I wonder how "niche" it is as a function of DAUs / MAUs. Sense is that these other platforms have a higher % of monthly visitors who are daily, but that Reddit's more driven by its uber users...
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  • just read that Reddit has apparently acquired TikTok rival Dubsmash. Doesn't feel central to Reddit's core use case, but certainly fulfills the seeming "lean into video!" social media mandate..
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    Reddit is a good platform to clear your queries related to any field. You can remain active in groups and can answer the relevant questions and doubts of the people to increase your karma points.

    Thank you.
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  • on the topic of Reddit - found this post (don't know the author personally, but read his content frequently) about how to build a business off of reddit niches to be fantastic. Lots of golden nuggets in there about niche-finding and monetizing...
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    Hy guys i want to ask how its reddit for marketing ?affiliate programs for example like clickbank .I want to give it a try and i want to know some opinions .Thanks
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    Reddit is a good site for marketing.
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    Reddit continues to intrigue: unlike basically every other social platform, it seems to generate more buzz (here expressed by google search interest) each year.

    Something about a forum that addresses seemingly every longtail niche continues to stand the test of time

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  • I am a Reddit user and use it 2 or 3 times a week. On Reddit, you can increase your post visibility shortly. Here you can drive huge traffic to your business post.
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    Reddit is still lacking behind other marketing channels such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and alike in terms of DAU. But it's definitely still a marketing channel that can be beneficial, especially for the younger audiences using Reddit.

    Basically true, social networks typically generates 95% of their revenue through ads, so of course they are becoming more aggressive and testing their limits. Rest is intelligence and user behavior sharing with other companies and agencies.
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