10 social media trends for your 2021 strategy

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2020 is almost over, which means it's time to start strategising for 2021. And here are possible social media trends next year, neatly laid out in an infographic from Oberlo.

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    acknowledge facts.
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    Outstanding Information.
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    Great research)))
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  • Business now have to invest in better customer service through social media!! Yeah, chatbots are great for marketing but chatbot still aren't at that level that allows you to make an authentic connection with customers.
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    Thanks for sharing this valuable information as everyone in the marketing field is looking to know the upcoming trends...
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    LinkedIn is also worth a mention with 706 million users (May 2020) and Pinterest remains a big player with a lot of search volume converting to sales/optins.
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    Yes, social media is an important part of your marketing strategy. Today, most businesses are getting huge benefits by making effective social media strategies.
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    related: I found this post by Scott Belsky pretty interesting and thought-provoking - particuarly vis a vis Talent beginning to "own their audience" more. Here's what he predicted lies ahead for creators:

    The pursuit to "own your own audience" will be a macro trend over the coming years. Equivalents to Substack (where you build and monetize your own email list) will emerge in video, communities, branded products (like Borgo, still pre-launch) and other ways to build, manage, and monetize your audience. Some early breakouts like OnlyFans and Patreon give us a sense of what is possible. But I am especially enthusiastic about products like Circle and Geneva that power fully-fledged community functionality for brands and individuals. If you're a content creator of any kind, you can now spin up a community to gather your audience and spawn all sorts of offshoot services to delight (and monetize) your base. In such a world, the Instagram and YouTube type products simply serve as top-of-funnel marketing initiatives. The goal becomes simply converting everyone you reach on other platforms to your own privately owned and managed channel. We will see a massive acceleration of this trend in the years ahead.

    The piece: https://scottbelsky.medium.com/8-the...h-410dbb0b1afb
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    Undoubtedly 2021 will hold new challenges for you. This isn't bad. It's life. Yet like those you've faced before, what matters most is not the problems themselves, but how well you've responded to them and how you've applied their lessons to grow and thrive in your career, relationships, leadership, and life.
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    Social media platform always remains the evergreen platform for promoting the products and services of your business to your customers. Definitely, the marketing strategies in 2021 changes as per the requirement.
    The social media stories are also effective to increase your audience visibility for a post. Moreover, you can add many engaging ideas and creativity inside it.
    Thank you.
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    Thanks for sharing great Information!! I think social media trends in 2021. During this pandemic, Social media is the best way to promote your business.
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    This thread is very helpful for new users, Thanks for sharing.
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