Social Media Today Article: Twitter Provides Tips for Holiday Promotions and Outreach

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Social Media Today reveals that, with Christmas coming fast, Twitter has shared some tips to assist brands with maximizing their outreach over the holiday season. The author says that while most brands will already have strategies in place, Twitter's tips are intended to supplement that, rather than help construct campaigns from scratch.

Refreshing your profile and your pinned tweet

One of the simplest and quickest ways to refresh things is by updating your prfile images and your pinned tweets before Christmas. Remember to keep it a little seasonal.

Add some urgency in your Christmas ad copy

You'll have heard this ad tip many times, no doubt - however, Twitter says brands can encourage better responses over the holidays if they add a sense of urgency to their tweets:

"This could be through limited-time offers, displaying products low on stock, or limited-time free shipping."
Using polls

Twitter is also suggesting that advertisers and Twitter brands should use polls to boost engagement over Christmas.

Pret asks a seasonally topical question in order to prompt engagement and boost associations with its brand. You can tie any associated results back to your campaigns or promotions and use the data to figure out what your costomers are seeking.

Using Website Cards

This is one of my favorites, and many busineses still don't do this. If you're using Twitter ads, you can use cards to automatically generate preview images.

Don't overdo the hashtags

Twitter keeps saying this, and there's a lot of truth to it - but I think it flies in the face of what many marketers believe a tweet should be. This is from Twitter:

"Hashtags are great for connecting to the conversation, but make sure you don't use more than one or two. It keeps it to the point and makes sure that the focus remains on the Tweet itself."
Refreshing your ad creatives

"Refresh your Tweets or creatives every two weeks to help maintain a high-quality score in auctions. Your Tweets and creatives should change with the season, building excitement as Christmas gets closer."
Playing with conversation settings

Twitter also says you should consider using conversation settings in order to limit replies to your tweets.

As Twitter puts it:

"You can now have a private conversation publicly. Host a panel or interview, engage with some of your customers or invite some other brands to the thread to create a different kind of discussion."
Creating a healthy balance

Twitter urges advertisers to maintain a balance in their tweet messaging, and not concentrate too much on sales.

"It's important to maintain a balance between sales content and content that adds value. This could be as basic as a product guide or recipe, or simply emotive, uplifting content that will shroud your brand in a warm, fuzzy feeling."
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