TikTok is 2020's most downloaded app

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Unsurprisingly, TikTok is reported as the most downloaded app of 2020 according to App Annie's download charts for this year.

As seen above, the list shows the top ten apps in terms of Total Downloads, Consumer Spend, and Monthly Active Users. The numbers, however, are based on App Annie's data tracking and not on official counts posted by the apps themselves, nevertheless it still provides an overview of comparative performance of different platforms.

Now I'm not gonna dig into the list one by one, but the top downloads show TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom, and Instagram, respectively. What's notable is that Zoom is on the top 4, again showing a significant usage in video conferencing apps due to the sudden shift to virtual meetings.

Chime in.
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    I feel so outdated and useless... I don't have a single app from the list.
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    rather remarkable to me that during a pandemic Tinder was the #1 app for consumer spending.
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    It is realy very popular among young people and children. My dauther has this app on her tablet, as well as my other relatives. It is very popular among teenages and children aged 13 and higher..
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      My niece is around that age - and absolutely true for her and her friends as well. IMO it's encouraging to see a genuine breakthrough app emerge vs another year of the same entrenched leaders (or subsidiaries of leaders)
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    what about zoom lol
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    i think zoom is the number 1
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    I never downloaded or used TikTok
    Is it true?

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    in 2020, most downloaded "zoom app"
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    good thingnking
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    Zoom came up there due to the increase in remote meetings and operations that soared as a result of COVID-19.
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    I can't understand the tiktok phenomenon, why is it so popular? there are the same videos as on instagram
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    agree , people making money from there too , so why not ?
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    Wow, I have just a couple of this top apps

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    Most of the video makers on Tiktaker or Like's leadership board are around 20-25 years old. But the number of their followers is million.
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