YouTube Premieres Gets Four More Ways to Build Hype For a New Video

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that YouTube Premieres has just been upgraded with several new features aimed at making it even easier to promote new videos on the platform.

YouTube Premieres enables creators to generate some hype around a new video in advance of when it goes live, and the tool is about to get four completely new features.

Live Redirect

Live Redirect will let creators put together a multi-part show experience. It'll do that by connecting a live stream to an upcoming premiere - and it's hoped that will generate excitement. You can use an interview or Q&A to instantly redirect your audience to the premiere page when you're done.

Premiere Trailers

Premieres now comes with the ability to create their own trailer. That basically amounts to a pre-recorded hype video between fifteen seconds and three minutes in length. YouTube says trailer videos must be public and owned by the channel hosting the Premiere, so nobody can just use a video from another channel as its own trailer.

Expanded Countdown Themes

When it comes to the countdown displayed immediately before a video premiere, channels will now have extra options to use. While there used to be just a single countdown theme available now there will be ten new countdown themes, spanning a selection of various content verticals and moods. The new themes won't be available until early next year.

Schedule Premieres on Mobile

This will be a first for the platform. From now on, creators will be able to schedule Premieres using the YouTube mobile app. So, the way that works is you just upload a video from your mobile device and then schedule it as a Premiere at the same time.
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  • And if YouTube just fixes YouTube Studio and make it more user friendly, it'll be perfect!
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    Love the new features coming .This is definitely a game changer for content creators .
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      Hello Jamell,

      I believe new feature is for premium account for the users not at all focusing on Content creators. Though i have not visited in detail you may be right or i may be Right
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    They are not at all working towards You Tube Studio. Though a lot they are doing to fix the premier account lot of us still use Free version.
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