Google Partners with Snapchat to Offer Immersive Year in Search AR Experience

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that, in an interesting move, Google just created a new Lens in Snapchat. The Lens is aimed at providing an interactive take on the company's 'Year in Search' trends overview.

The Google Lens enables viewers to look at a series of images, each representing key events from 2020. Viewers can tap on each image if they wish to explore a corresponding topic. Snapchat explains its end of the year partnership with Google, describing 2020's Year in Search as 'iconic' and highlighting the fact this is an AR first:

"As 2020 comes to an end, Snap and Google have partnered to bring Google's iconic "Year in Search" story to life with an immersive augmented reality experience. That marks the first time Google's "Year in Search" has been brought to life in AR and the campaign's debut on Snapchat."
Snapchat goes on to reveal that Google will also be running the "Year in Search" video using ads on Snapchat, "which is the first time the program has been featured as a vertical video on the platform." This partnership perhaps highlights how Snapchat's gravity is growing - and that's not just limited to AR - it's also a sign that it can be a highly effective way to connect with audiences.

Is the relationship between Snap and Google Blossoming?

Back in the day, Google did try and buy Snapchat. This partnership could signal the start of increased collaborations between the two giants, or it could all be mostly to do with Snap's excellent AR possibilities. The platform continues to develop AR to offer more and more immersive opportunities. With Facebook and Apple also investing heavily in the medium, this could just be Google's way to take immediate advantage of its popularity with users. Snapchat is at the forefront of AR - for the time being at least!
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