TikTok Has Just Launched a New Small Business Resource Center for Marketers

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that TikTok is continuing to expand its business offerings and advertising features during the last days of 2020. The platform just launched a new Small Business Resource Center, offering Marketers a selection of hepful case studies, useful creative tools and handy explainers.

TikTok introduced the changes by saying:

"Hey, guess what? Our Small Business Resource Center is officially live! From success stories to creative tools and free webinars, it has everything you need to grow your small business on our platform. You've got some exploring to do."
The new suite of tools provides some very useful options for marketers from organizatons of all sizes - offering numerous case studies, giving companies real-world examples of how to tackle specific targets on the platform:

TikTok is also providing a whole range of new creative tools which you can use to construct your campaigns:

If you prefer to get a more interactive experience of what it's like to market products on TikTok, there are new webinars too. You can also access details about TikTok ad and performance metrics, and find many links to a whole range of other handy business resources. It's been a rocky year for TikTok in many ways, with an Indian ban and its ongoing struggles with US legislators. Yet, the platform has continued to experience increasing success and will likely hit the magic one billion user count in the coming twelve months. It's now impossible to just ignore TikTok, so if you think these new tools might help you find your way on the platform, check out the original article via the link at the top of this post! You can also visit the TikTok Small Business Resource Center by clicking here.
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    If you want tiktok's way of making money, you must first know the genes of this company. This is a Chinese company. Titiok actually has a Chinese name called douyin(-音). After the great success in China, douyin copied his business model to the world and began to succeed. Users in China have made a lot of profitable ways of douyin(-音). 2017-2018 is the prime time for these players. They earned a lot of money, and now tiktok is in such a bonus period. As far as I know, the method of making money by douyin is divided into 3 kinds. The first way is to take some very attractive product videos and then direct traffic to the shopping mall. This is a very profitable and simple way. Some products are naturally suitable for platforms like tiktok for drainage, and the Conversion rate is very high, these products are characterized by novelty, or product sales in the plot. However, for most individual players, they can bring huge profits through simple product demonstrations. You can find a lot of products in China's douyin app.I think this method should be the best fit for this problem, because it is done by the Chinese, it can be copied directly and then to make money.

    There are also some people who choose to become influencer, but most of the influencer of the short video platform can't compare with the platform like youtube. The fan loyalty is very low, but they can still make ads to make money.

    The third is the most profitable gameplay. Large merchants sell their products by advertising Through the official advertisements or cooperate with influencer, the quality of advertisements for such products is usually high and the conversion rate is high, and advertising costs are relatively low compared to Traditional social media search engine advertising. During the whole period of 2018-2019, the return on investment ratio is very high. Now tiktok is working Try to open a shopping cart, then it will go the same way as it did on douyin.
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    Its really great that tiktok is expanding their business best of luck for their future
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    Its really good news for us, I love tiktok
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    Overall, the launch of TikTok's Small Business Resource Center means big things for users who are hoping to increase their sales, traffic, or even general brand awareness. If you're advertising on Instagram and Facebook, you might as well start advertising on TikTok as well! Check it out and learn how you can get started.
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    thanks for info !
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    Tiktok is Very good social media
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    It has someone had succesful promoting affiliate products ? clickbank products etc or getting traffic to their landing page ?
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    After the ban of TikTok in India, other alike apps got a huge crowd to showcase their talent, which is good for the economy
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