Forbes Says 2020's Top Online Video Was an Infectious TikTok Lip-Sync

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Forbes reveals that a short clip from TikToker Bella Poarch, showing her lip-sync to the British rapper Millie B's song 'M To The B' landed nearly 45 million likes this year. That made the video 2020's most-liked on social media --across every single platform.

TikTok's year-end roundup also ranked the clip as its "top viral video." The video got uploaded back in August, and its success does nothing but highlight TikTok's rapid climb. Even when Millie B, the track's original artist, got on the bandwagon by posting her own version of the clip, the effort only clocked up 4.6 million likes.

TikTok outperformed both Facebook and WhatsApp in 2020 to become the most downloaded app of the year. The platform is supremely popular with Gen Z - despite surviving attempts by the US administration to ban the app because of fears over its Chinese ownership. TikTok boasts an extraordinary active monthly user count, which is predicted to hit 1.2 billion sometime during 2021. That's all the more remarkable given the fact the platform was banned in India back in June this year.

TikTok Wins Big During 2020, and Powers into 2021

While only six YouTube stars or pairs and just two Instagram performers made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2021, seven TikTok contributors featured - further illustrating the fact that the social media guard has been quietly changing during the past twelve months. It seems TikTok also performed a valuable public service during the recent US election too. While Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter all received a fair amount of criticism for promoting misinformation on behalf of the Trump campaign and its supporter base, TikTok users led the charge in providing some resistance. The platform as part credited with depressing Republican voter turnout and sabotaging attendance at a Trump rally in Tulsa. Users registered for tickets to the event and then didn't turn up.
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    If TikTok not banned from some of the countries it might gather more viewers
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    Oh really tiktok is doing great and thank you for sharing nice info
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