Facebook and WhatsApp see record highs on video calls

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Unsurprisingly, Facebook reached record highs for both audio and video calls on WhatsApp and Messenger this New Year's Eve. This also highlights an important trend - people have become accustomed to keeping in touch with others via these options. Check out the stats below.

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    It happened due to COVID-19
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    It is really developing all over the world. Whatsapp is the best.
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    Yes, video marketing will be a dominator and multiplier effect when it comes to web traffic and web consumption in the coming months and years. (fact)
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  • Makes sense. No wonder Facebook doesn't mind bullying WhatApp users to giving their personal information.
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    • Always thought privacy was one of Whatsapp's best features - but yeah that changes next month. Think that opens a market up for privacy - focused apps like Signal

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    It is obvious that nowadays people mostly spend their time online, it is easy and cost effective way to reach other people through voice and video calls via these apps.
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    the recorded highs were greatly affected by the global pandemic
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    Maybe this trend will continue maybe not but it tapping into to see if you can increase business or sales .
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  • The covid effect
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    I thank God I got into digital marketing in 2009. It was a struggle in the beginning however the recent Covid 19 amongst other things have opened my eyes to the possibilities of digital marketing and has made it easier to educate others on the value of using platforms like zoom and WhatsApp not to talk about social media in general.

    The digital age is here to stay and this is only the beginning.

    "How I Built an Email List of 30,116 People & Sold $338,000 Worth of Products..."

    And How to Build Your Own Email List Starting Today - With Zero Tech Skills

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    Wow, Amazing numbers. I think COVID-19 main reason to increase the number of audio and video calls and also the use of other social media platforms.
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    I'm happy with Whatsapp is the best.
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    The recorded highs were greatly affected by the global pandemic
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    Because of Covid-19 coronavirus, most of the people were in there house. Office work also from doing from home. So virtual media used more.
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    Yes, COVID-19 Effect
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    I can't wait to see the post-Covid effects. I anticipate a big decrease in app usage when things get back to normal and we can go outside and live our lives without constraints.
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    maybe it's time to purchase some facebook stocks then? haha
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    really ans.it is very helpful.
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