TikTok Has Launched its First LiDAR-Enabled AR Effect for the iPhone 12

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A new article on Social Media Today predicts that, with AR set to get a lot more attention and development in the coming twelve months, new technology such as wearable devices will arrive on the market and continue to drive the development of digital overlays and tools, reaching the next level. Right on time, TikTok has added another AR tool to its platform in the form of LiDAR-enabled effects.

TikTok's LiDAR technology responds to the real-world environment - the glitter falling on the couch, the floor, and person in the example above is a good example of this. LiDAR stands for 'light detection and ranging.' The tech measures how long it takes for light to reach an object and then reflect back by way of depth-mapping. Although this remains available only on the iPhone 12 as things stand, it's set to roll out to more devices over time.

AR Advertising and Marketing to Grow Steadily Through 2024

AR looks set to grow rapidly in 2021. Ikea already developed its own tool, which is called Place AR and arrived back in 2019. Using the tool, customers can preview how products will look in their home before they make a decision to buy. LiDAR-type technology opens up options for marketers and brands that want to use try-on features, among other things. Some projections estimate AR ad revenue is set to grow from $1.4 billion in 2020 to $8 billion by 2024:

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    Wonder how similar/different this functionality will be to Snapchat's. Have found the tech to be "cool enough" ... but not necessarily something that deeply engages audiences yet or is worth spending a ton of time working with - at least right now (not sure I've seen AR tech hit a "mainstream" consumer use case outside of Gaming...)
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      related: I must say, the popularity of "general" AR like Snapchat's Lens has surprised me: reportedly 180M Snap users use their Lenses daily - up from 70M when Lens Explorer first became available. Most of this growth is apparently from community-made lenses, too ... seems TikTok would do well to explore ways of harnessing *that* use case for their AR efforts..
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    Tik tok application is free and simple to install on mobile phones, the number of people using a lot and increasing over time.
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