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How can I start getting help with LinkedIn marketing as I'm one of the newies?
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    A first good step is searching either here in the forum for this topic or going to youtube and searching for videos about it.
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      yeah, thanks.

      Yes, I will. Thank you
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    While some people do really well with LinkedIn Marketing, I just wanted to let you know one area where it does NOT work well!

    I have tested a mailing list of several thousand email addresses from LinkedIn . . . Americans who are members of Groups relating to online business.

    The open rate and click through rates were good, BUT, out of over 5,000 clicks to webinar registration pages, almost no-one actually WATCHED any of the high quality webinars I informed them about. According to an expert, some lead sources behave like that . . . he recommended indoctrinating them about watching webinars . . . I tried that, giving them lots of information to help, but that didn't help either.

    So that's one thing NOT to do, unless you have proven insider knowledge of how to get results with this approach

    On the other hand . . . I did hear of people making $100k or more on LinkedIn selling a service which helped make their resume and header image stand out (with genuine major media citations) to help executives get the job they want etc.

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  • What type of LinkedIn marketing do you need help for? LinkedIn ads, use of LinkedIn automation tools for marketing, or campaign running? You can take help from youtube Videos or blogs.
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  • you have to professionally set up your LinkedIn account. cover photo, profile image, license, certification, endorsement, education.
    Moreover, 5 stars will add value to your profile. Then send a connection to professional persons. Make several notes .send connection by making them convince that you are a reliable and genuine person. not fake. post regularly and show them your activity. publish some article.
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    You can watch videos from youtube and try to implement that task same time on your linkedin so that you can get the idea of what you learn form youtube and later you can use your personal account as an influencer etc.
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  • Here are some tips that you can follow -
    • Take benefit of blog and website link
    • Take benefit of LinkedIn Endorsements
    • Export Connections
    • Join LinkedIn Groups
    • Share your LinkedIn updates on Twitter
    • Analyze your LinkedIn Performance
    • Create your Own Group on LinkedIn
    • Find Out who Viewed your Profile
    • Check your Network Updates
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    We also started with Linkedin and publish our news there. But I can say that a lot of people have joined us. I think should be another way to promoting our service through Linkedin
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    I don't have any experience in promotion in LinkedIn, but I'm an active LiIn user, I just wanna say that this is a great place to connect with the right people. So, you can just post some useful content and grow your connection

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    Start following relevant Hashtags and there are plenty of strategies shared on YouTube you should try them and find better one that works for you
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  • Before starting LinkedIn marketing, read the blog/ article and see a video on YouTube regarding to LinkedIn marketing. LinkedIn marketing is a broad field of online marketing.
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