Snapchat Started Working on an 'Events' Option Which is Intended to Facilitate IRL Meet-Ups

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A new article on Social Media Today says that given that larger physical meet-ups are expected to return in 2021, this could turn out to be a vital addition for Snapchat in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jane Manchun Wong discovered a new feature within the Snapchat app code called 'Events' back in 2019. The code would allow users on the platform to put event details on a sticker and then add that to their Snaps, so they could invite friends to get involved.

So, it seems development has taken a while, and it's been a pretty disruptive twelve months or so, but Patent Drop just reported that Snapchat filed a new patent for its Events feature.

Images show Snapchat Events that get activated via a sticker. That includes all of the relevant information about an event and users would then go and display the sticker in their Snaps. Details would also get listed on the Snap Map of any user who agreed to attend. Here's what Patent Drop had to say:

"For the friends receiving the event invite, they'll be able to join the event and chat with others attending. Finally, any photos or videos that are taken during the event will be automatically added to the group chat. Snap could create interesting partnerships with local merchants who want to offer deals for groups to come to their location. For example, imagine a Snap partnership with Starbucks, where if users select the 'who wants to meet me for a coffee?' filter, users are recommended the nearest Starbucks as a location."
While this would likely primarily get used by groups of friends on the platform, it does have some implications for marketers who could possibly use the feature to promote their location as a place to meet and share promotional discount offers - so it could be worth checking Snapchat Events out when it arrives. Although, there's no word yet on precisely when that will happen.
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