Facebook Will Remove its 'Our Story' Section from Pages Starting Next Month

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Social Media Today reveals that Facebook has started notifying Page owners about an approaching update which will see the removal of its current 'Our Story' section from users' Page presentation options.

Facebook users have been receiving a prompt to move their Story description to the Additional Information section in advance of an update. Facebook's Page Story section has been around since 2017 and was added to help brands provide more background on their business 'why.' The thinking behind the feature was that it would assist better connections with Page visitors.

The section concerned appears as a secondary information panel within the 'About' section on your Page, which does look slightly busy.

The update isn't a major one, and it appears that the section is about to get removed from the main Page. Instead, the option will now appear as a secondary element. That basically means You will be able to tap through on an 'Additional information' prompt or a tab in order to read more about the story behind your brand. It's a slightly longer-winded way to reach the information, but it will tidy up the main Page.

Given how the feature is currently presented, the update does make a lot of sense. The downside, of course, is that you may need to overhaul the overall layout or reassess your Facebook Page. That's probably going to be a good idea, especially given that not all visitors will bother going out of their way to find out more about your brand.

The prompt Facebook is sending out provides a link for Page admins to reach the relevant section. That's the simplest way to update your info, but you can also access adjustments via the 'Settings' tab and by clicking 'Page Info.' Doing so will enable you to edit your 'Additional Information' field.
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