LinkedIn is Launching Six Free Advertising Courses

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that LinkedIn is about to launch an all-new on-demand learning center dedicated to advertising, and it's full of free resources.

LinkedIn Marketing Labs is the name of a new on-demand learning center where marketers get to access free resources which teach all about advertising on LinkedIn. First up is six new courses, each curated by LinkedIn's in-house experts. Material runs from basic to intermediate and they're laid out to represent a path of learning. Users will learn about LinekdIn Ad practices of LinkedIn ads, refining their ad strategies, and staying informed about the marketing tools available on the platform.


You simply select what's applicable to you and LinkedIn will do the rest - offering any relevant courses. You can also click "See all learning paths" if you'd prefer to determine for yourself which courses are best for you.

Each course gets labeled to indicate the level of material covered. It also tells you how and how long the course wil take you to finish. Here's a list of all the options on offer:
  • Introduction to LinkedIn Ads
  • Using LinkedIn's Ad Targeting
  • Reporting and Analytics for LinkedIn Ads
  • Building a Full-Funnel Content Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn
  • Using LinkedIn for Brand Awareness
  • Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

There's the handy option of a pre-course self-assessment comprosed of several questions designed to assess your existing knowledge on each subject. You can save and return to progress any time once you begin a course. For reference, this is what's included on LinkedIn's "Using LinkedIn's Ad Targeting" course:
  • Summary
  • Pre-Course Self-Assessment (Optional)
  • Introduction to LinkedIn Targeting
  • Why LinkedIn Targeting?
  • How LinkedIn Targeting Works
  • Audience Targeting Driven by a Members' Profile
  • Two ways to Target on LinkedIn
  • When to use AND-OR Targeting
  • Match Your Marketing Objectives to Your Targeting
  • Knowledge Check
  • Audience Attributes
  • Audience Attributes Available
  • How to Target by Audience Attributes
  • Knowledge Check
  • Matched Audiences
  • How to Create LinkedIn Matched Audiences
  • Retargeting
  • Contact Targeting
  • Company Targeting
  • Data Integrations with LinkedIn Marketing Partners
  • How to Reach Members with Similar Professional Characteristics
  • Knowledge Check
  • Targeting Demo
  • Targeting Set Up
  • View your Forecasted Results
  • Knowledge Check
  • Optimizing your targeting strategy
  • Best Practices
  • Knowledge Check
  • Course review
  • Course Review
  • Survey
  • Congratulations!
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