Twitter Just Shared Some Key Tips on How You Can Improve Your Twitter Ads Approach

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that if you've been planning to improve your marketing efforts during 2021, you may be better off forsaking increased reach on other platforms and sticking with Twitter.

The author thinks that Twitter has proven itself to be a great platform for connecting with the right audiences - and that the benefits outweigh reaching more users elsewhere - if you can get the approach right.

Effective tweet composition takes time to master. While it's hard to find the right words every time, Twitter's team of internal ad specialists just provided some useful tips - so at least you'll be able to improve your Twitter ads. The image below shows Twitter's first tip:

Last week, Twitter shared its 'Three C's' (Concise, Clear, Conversational) approach for better branding - so there's a whole rule of three vibe going on presently. The Three R's here are more specifically aligned with paid promotion - and there isn't anything groundbreaking here. What they do provide is some guidance, and they're also easy to remember.

That's not all, though. Twitter also has some insights for you:

"Campaigns that have strong, eye-catching creative with a clear call to action typically perform much better than those without."
Great visual elements never hurt, for sure - but it's pretty hard to nail that every time. While Twitter doesn't tell you how to do that, it's a point worth stating. And don't forget, there are many apps available that can help everyone from novices upwards to get visuals right:

Other Twitter insights advise about using CTAs, images, and keeping accompanying tweets short but sweet:

  • "Using 3-5 creatives with bright colors, show-stopping images and interesting motion captures viewers' attention, and increases the chance of a successful serve."
  • "Test more aggressive CTAs (e.g. 'Get a Quote', 'Book Tickets' or 'Shop our Sale') against softer ones (e.g. 'Learn More')"
  • "The perfect complement to an engaging creative is a concise tweet (<100 characters)."
There's far more detail about Twitter's tips in the link above, so head over to the original article if this is something you think could help your Twitter ads!
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