Forbes Introduces Us to Lolly, a New Gen-Z Dating App Combining TikTok And Tinder

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A new article on Forbes says that if there were just two ways for people to pass their time during the pandemic, TikTok and online dating would figure pretty high up the list. TikTok was one of the most downloaded apps during 2020. Dating apps have seen a spike in users, too, as virtual interactions became the only option for many. Here, Forbes introduces readers to an entrepreneur who has attempted to combine the two things.

Lolly is a brand-new dating app looking to cross the charm of TikTok with the benefits of virtual dating apps like Tinder. Users upload short videos designed to entertain in place of a simple dating profile. The idea is that connections will be more likely to work because more of a user's personality and tastes come across in a video. Lolly's founders are Marc Baghadjian and Sacha Schermerhorn:

"We saw this disconnect where people couldn't tell their story on Tinder. Gen-Z felt like we weren't heard. The world has changed since 2012, and the platforms to support us have not. Pictures are so old--it's an old, outdated mindset."
Baghadjian is just 21, and Schermerhorn 24, and they're both relatively inexperienced at founding companies, but that hasn't stopped investors from getting involved. Recently, the venture closed a $1.1 million seed round from the likes of SV Angel, So-Fi co-founder Daniel Macklin, Wired Ventures co-founder Jane Metcalfe, former SV Angel General Partner Kevin Carter, Correlation Ventures, and Next Coast Ventures. Topher Conway is a co-managing partner at SV Angel:

"They think about this space deeply and use their own experiences and pain point as users themselves to scrutinize every element of the product experience."

Lolly doesn't have a swipe left function like Tinder, and users just scroll past videos they don't want to watch. If they do like something, they can 'clap' to show their approval. There's a more in-depth interview with Lolly's founders and more details about the app in the original article, which you can read by clicking the link above!
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    Can Lolly find girls to hang out with? Many applications like TikTok are designed for entertainment, but not for communication. Are there private messages with a profile to meet hot girls?
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    I'm way out of the market (age and lifestage wise) for something like this, but think it's interesting to see a bit of a social renaissance happening right now. I suspect we'll be seeing more and more swings at social / dating apps, and a couple of them may just break through. But apps like Clubhouse, Dispo, Honk, Monet, Struck achieving early success imo speak to a great deal of pent up consumer demand for this category right now (+ quite a few of the existing incumbents feel a bit stale)
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    More applications we have - better quality of each of them we would have. I think this exact app is gonna be pretty popular, if Forbes would make more unique features in the app. For nowadays I always use this dating service ( website: ), which allows to find the best and the most beautiful women on the web.
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