How Can I Get More Views and Subscribers on YouTube?

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Dear Warriors,

I'm trying to help someone grow their YouTube presence. I'm especially interested in growing their number of views and subscribers. However, I'm new to this and could use some advice. What is the most effective way to get more views and subscribers on YouTube in 2021?

Many thanks!
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    I'd suggest starting by reviewing some of the WF threads on the topic. A few posted below:
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    Look at you tubers who's channels share how to grow on YT I've sunstobed to and watch Nick Nimmin

    He is clear, concise, and to the point.

    Once you start looking at his content YT will no doubt feed you others to watch also.

    Hope this helps


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    We have a post on how to come up with video ideas which helps you rake in views and well, subscribers -
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    Watch your competitors' videos, as well as videos in industries outside of yours, and jot down notes of the most intriguing parts. Rather then copying what your competition is doing, find a more creative way to do it better. For example, if I was in the gum business (or any other business for that matter) I'd probably take a tip or two from my all time favorite YouTube commercial, The Story of Sarah and Juan. Check it out, and just try and tell me this didn't make you cry.
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    Check up on some of your competitors and see what kind of videos they are making, then model them and make yours better. Write down the improvements you could make in your videos from seeing theirs and come at it from different angles. Also, be consistent in producing content; as in every other day.

    Make your videos as engaging as you can when shooting them, for example:
    • Use decent lighting
    • Use a good mic
    • Ask your viewer to subscribe

    The last one is an especially good way of getting subscribers because people generally need direction and prompting, so a clear call to action always helps. Keep in mind that getting views and subscribers are going to be hard to come by if you don't do the basics first. You'll have a bit of a wait but once you've got the ball rolling you should start seeing good results. Cheers!

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    Can also try for Sub2Sub method for shorter duration,
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    I love this questions,
    I didnt see your specific youtube channel, However, let me share with my experience on youtube
    At the start you need to send friends and family the link for your youtube Channel,
    Step two with your family and friends is to request from them to share the link with one more friend.
    If you did this steps you are on the right way to the top
    Now you want to increase your number of viewes and subscribers. For your friend special YouTube channel have a niche. So each niche have their special Community's
    He need to get to this community and commicate with people that interested in this niche because they have friends to share with them.
    So for conclude
    He should make videos in a time that his subscribers know
    like two days a week in Monday and Thursday and it is making his subscribers to wait to this time for a new video with new media. In addition I read that you want to post as much videos as you can to have more media
    hope this was helpful
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    Just listened on a Clubhouse chat with well known YT creator and entrepreneur Mr Beast (

    His advice for going viral was very simple but worth keeping in mind as a "North Star" checklist of sorts:

    1. Get people to click on your video
    2. Get people to watch all the way through
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    The more of your videos someone watches, the more likely they are to subscribe.

    The question is:

    How do you get people to watch 2, 5, or even 10 of your videos?

    Promote another video on your End Screen.
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