An insight on the 22 million business posts on social media

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Here's an infographic from Socialinsider as they share their insights their recently-conducted study in which they analysed more than 22 million business posts on the three major social platforms Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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    interesting benchmarks - thanks. Interesting, too, to see eCommerce's declining engagement rates relative to other industries. Makes sense somewhat given the volume of posts there and the nature of the industry, but curious which businesses folks think are doing a particularly good job here? One eCommerce brand I've always thought stood out on social is the Men's shorts brand "Chubbies" (no affiliation). Lot of tongue-in-cheek product placement that manages to engage while selling...

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  • Very informative post. Thanks for sharing this valuable post with us.
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    Very interesting. I find this is indicative of our culture's shortening attention span. It takes less time to scroll thru pics on IG than to have to stop and read a post on FB. There is something about brain chemistry there.

    However, the shift of brands to stories is fascinating. In order to convert, not only do you have to capture a user's attention with the video, you have to make the display image of the video compelling enough that the user clicks it to watch.

    Alot of different dynamics at play here.
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    Thank you for sharing, these are useful insights. I wonder how Youtube, Snapchat and TikTok compare?
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    • Yes you are correct this post is worth sharing. I somehow thinking of other social media platforms also like what you mentioned.

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  • I was also surprised to see how low brand engagement is on Twitter. I guess it's understandable. People are sick of brands trying to humanize themselves. And based on our experience, our Twitter engagement is low but we do get a significant amount of traffic when we post links to valuable tips and resources.
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