Twitter is Exploring New Tweet Subscription Options, Paid Tools for TweetDeck

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According to Social Media Today, Twitter is considering asking users to pay to read the top tweets from your favorite accounts. At least, that's one possibility that the platform appears to be exploring as it searches for new ways to maximize its revenue opportunities despite sluggish growth, and amid rising internal pressure from investor groups.

According to Bloomberg, Twitter is at present considering more than one new subscription and revenue options aimed at reducing the company's reliance on ads. This is from Bloomberg:

"At least one idea being considered is related to "tipping," or the ability for users to pay the people they follow for exclusive content, said the people, who asked not to be named because the discussions are internal. Other possible ways to generate recurring revenue include charging for the use of services like Tweetdeck or advanced user features like "undo send" or profile-customization options."
As far back as last July, Twitter sent selected users a survey which asked them about a range of potential options that they might be willing to pay for in the app.

Among those potential options were 'undo send' and custom color tools for profiles. So, this isn't a new thing at Twitter HQ but it appears to have progressed past the idea stage. This could be down to investor pressure in the wake of Twitter spending a lot on acquisitions in recent times.

I'd be interested to hear people's views on this. How do you guys feel about paying for content or features on Twitter?
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