New tools for Pinterest creators have arrived

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A new article on Marketing Land reports on how the visual discovery platform is rethinking stories and influencers.

Colleen Stauffer is Global Director of Creator Marketing for Pinterest:

"The content on our platform is about you and what you want in your life. We really tried to harness planning that became way more short-term last year during the pandemic. We wanted to fit people in their current lives and how they planned in the hour."
For marketers, the pandemic has made it necessary to observe changes in the way people use familiar online tools. Take Pinterest, for instance. Before the virus, users tended to be "future-looking" when seeking out content. That might have been considering a vacation, let's say - but now, users are looking more at shorter-term issues. Things like meals and remote learning tips are popular. As a result, Pinterest launched its Today tab. Users can now get updates from the CDC and WHO easily and quickly, plus find baking recipes - a sign of the times.

The platform has also tried to reinforce communities, and Pinterest still distances itself from traditional social media definitions, calling itself a place for visual discovery. Last summer, Pinterest passed 400 million monthly active users, with growth among millennials and Gen Zers, including a 50% boost year-over-year for men on the platform. Back in September, Pinterest released Story Pins, which give creators the ability to tell multi-page stories.

"Creators want the content to live in one place. Creating content directly on Pinterest has been a need for our Pinners. They want to find an amazing food creator, see their Story Pin, and get the recipe, all within our ecosystem."
During 2021, US social commerce sales will surpass $36 billion. Pinterest is looking to make its platform more shoppable. Stauffer says that 89% of weekly Pinners use Pinterest for inspiration on their path to a purchase:

"Pinterest is a visual discovery platform, and every time Pinners see a product they like, they should be able to buy it, or something like it, based on their unique taste. That's our vision for shopping with Pinterest. We have launched shopping products that bring shopping everywhere across the platform, including our Verified Merchant Program and our partnership with Shopify, where brands can easily upload their product feeds and turn them into shoppable Pins. In the coming months, we'll be introducing product tagging for Story Pins so creators can tag specific products within their Story Pins and reach people in a mindset to plan and shop."
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