Twitter is Expanding its Test Pool for Spaces, Including Previews of New Scheduling Features

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Social Media Today asks if Twitter Spaces will eventually supersede, and stunt the growth of Clubhouse. The author here reckons it's too early to say just yet, but says Twitter is already working fast to develop its Spaces option as it looks to ride the wave of popularity of the new audio social trend. During the last week, the platform has continued with that effort, expanding Spaces access to more users and testing out fresh features, like Space scheduling and labeling tools. The new options give users more ways to present their audio chats.

Users will be able to schedule an upcoming Space and then be able to tweet that out to their audience. When you do tweet out a link to your upcoming Space, people can sign-up for a reminder. That should attract more users to your Space and raise awareness about your discussion. Twitter is also developing Space discovery, which is another key part of a bigger plan aimed at catching up to Clubhouse, which is ahead of Twitter.

Twitter also continues to work on participant listings, enabling users to see who's listening in to a specific Space. The platform is also developing new Space title options, so admins should be able to have more control over how their Space gets displayed

Functionality for all this is still limited, but Twitter is working on that. Twitter has scale in its favor where Clubhouse is concerned and might well overtake its rival soon. Twitter has advanced systems in place for policing such functionality because Spaces is built on the architecture of Periscope. The platform also has more experience and capacity and can provide a much broader audience reach.

Clubhouse isn't sitting still either, but if Twitter can get things right, it could quickly become the top dog in what's a new audio social space - unless Facebook comes up with its own offering.
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    Twitter's certainly taking live audio seriously, but clubhouse's laser focus on this has led to pretty astonishing growth. I recently read that "it took Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter 29 months, 15 months, and 21 months respectively to reach 8 million monthly downloads on mobile ... while Clubhouse has done so in less than 12 months."

    Twitter could certainly do to clubhouse what IG did to Snap (stunt future growth with its copycat), but imo if clubhouse hits ~50M monthly users first, they'll be in the pole position in this category for the long haul..

    Really interesting emerging category to be sure.
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