Social Media Today Live Recap: Building Brand Trust on Social Media

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that recently, on #SMTLive, which is a weekly Twitter chat hosted by the website, there was discussion on how brands can build trust with their audiences. The talk also focused on why trust is so important in the modern, evolving digital landscape.

Changes in the way people think about key social issues is driving more onus on trust. According to Edelman's 2020 Trust Barometer report, fewer than 50% of people now trust that their institutions will do what's right. As reliance on eCommerce grows, consumers need to know that they're going to get what they pay for online. All this will impact on your brand and marketing approach - but how should it change your strategy? The vibrant #SMTLive community just shared some real-world insights on the subject:

The "Why" is considered to be a brand's most valuable asset. Brands with a clear mission offer their consumers a clear reason to engage. Many brands on the list also exhibited relatability and consistency.

Brands can no longer get away with a one-off donation or gesture to a good cause. Meaningful actions need to be in line with what people now expect to see: a consistent and long-term commitment from brands to a cause that makes sense.

Increasing Trust can be a long haul, especially if you are a relatively new brand. The website asked #SMTLive participants whether they've ever trusted a brand shortly after they discovered them on social media, and what contributed to the sense of trustworthiness.
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  • Hard to know for sure, but I wonder whether folks were thinking of "media" and political institutions, rather than (or more than) consumer brands, when they were posed that trust question (and expressed such distrust). That's not to say trust isn't critical for brands, of course ... just curious whether there's an idea that brand trust has greatly eroded as well...
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