Tik Tok Ads? Best video marketing platform?

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Looking to get into Video marketing, people say to try Tik tok ads but it is merely impossible to get your ads approved. They are severely strict, Even the most innocent ad gets disapproved, Not only that, to get your account approved your business name and your website URL has to match...mine does and still get disapproved (shrugs) Can anyone suggest a video marketing platform where I can advertise in peace? without going through strict fire hoops? I heard Youtube is strict and expensive too.
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    There's Vimeo and Facebook Watch.
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    Why not do YouTube? Find a niche or topic that interests you, and create high quality and engaging videos, and promote your video to rank it higher. Once you rank a video, it continues gaining targeted views and engagement every single month. All that helps you drive more sales, build e-mail lists, link to your website and so much more.
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