Clubhouse Outlines Key Growth Challenges in Latest Town Hall Update

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A new article on Social Media Today says that, with both Twitter and Facebook circling, Clubhouse needs to work extremely fast to build on its current momentum, or it could mean losing out to the larger, better-established platforms, which already have a far wider reach.

Scaling to accommodate and recruit millions of new users is not something that can be done overnight. Clubhouse might might be motivated to open up to everyone, but actually doing so is another kettle of fish entirely. Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison says the platform's efforts to expand to Android is still at least a couple of months away. Meanwhile, Twitter's audio Spaces are already open for business on Android, and the platform plans to expand the option to all users by next month. Facebook is developing audio-only Messenger Rooms too. That could see both Twitter and Facebook beat Clubhouse in the race.

Whatever happens, Clubhouse needs to act fast if it's going to beat the size, reach, and rapid development of platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Davison also said that Clubhouse is planning on removing its current invite-only status as soon as within the next few months. The app is currently doing all it can to invest in a whole bunch of new creator tools. That might well help attract and retain creators by helping them to steadily grow their audiences, which could open up a lot more scope for them to be able to monetize their broadcasts.

Basically, right now, Clubhouse needs to work on improving discovery; it has to get its act together quickly when it comes to customizations for each user. That's a critical element if the platform is going to be able to retain its audience at scale. Clubhouse needs to keep its top broadcasters on board as it embarks on a radical program of monetization and growth.
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    I think it does not have a big future, because the ways to share information in it are limited in comparison with other social networks.
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