Snapchat Just Shared Some New Insights into Evolving Video Viewing Behaviors

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A new article on Social Media Today says that parents of younger kids will tell you that children just don't watch traditional TV anymore. These days, younger viewers are more likely to be found watching YouTube, while complementing those longer form clips with TikTok videos, Instagram updates and Snapchat snaps. Anecdotally, you probably know this - but the author here asks what does the actual viewing data say, and what are the key trends you need to know to help you maximize reach and resonance with these younger viewers?

Snap recently commissioned Nielsen to analyze how over thirty cross-platform advertising campaigns reached people on Snapchat, versus television, and what marketers can glean from those findings. It's kind of no surprise the survey found most Snapchatters are not reachable through traditional TV campaigns.

Nielsen says that nearly six out of ten US Snapchatters are considered to be 'light TV viewers', while Snapchatters are also more likely to live in broadband-only homes than users of any other major social media platform.

If you want to reach younger audiences, TV should not be your primary focus, and that's increasingly become more relevant across demographic cohorts as these younger users grow up. It's good news for marketers because it offers more scope to zero in on the platforms where viewing occurs.

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