Instagram Has Started Testing a New 'Reshare' Sticker to Better Highlight Feed Posts Re-Shared to St

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that, over the last few months, Instagram has been working to address a key problem which not all users agree is an actual issue: The re-sharing of feed posts to Instagram Stories.

Many people and brands post an update to their main feed, then give it a little extra juice by adding the same image as a Story. Instagram says a lot of users don't like this sort of re-sharing, and in January, Instagram took its first steps to address the matter. The platform stopped some users from re-sharing feed posts to Stories entirely, and that received a mixed response.

In March, the platform softened somewhat, adding labels on Stories posts that had been re-posted from a users' main feed.

It seems Instagram is still working on the best solution. Just this week, app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi discovered a new test. It uses a new 'Reshare' sticker in Instagram Stories.

The platform has been working on the 'Reshare' sticker for few weeks, with Paluzzi first noting it in the app's code early in April.

How your feed post would then subsequently be displayed within your Story is not clear, but the process looks designed to make it clearer that posts are re-shared - perhaps as a disincentive.

It's hard to tell how many users are actually annoyed by re-sharing. What is clear is that Instagram's clearly still working to address the issue, and that could be a consideration for your Instagram strategy moving forward. In addition to this, Paluzzi has also noted that Instagram is working on a new scheduling option for IG Live broadcasts.

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