Do you agree with Twitter?

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Twitter has an inactive account policy where they may be permanently removed due to prolonged inactivity.

Do you agree with this? Why? Why not?
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    I agree with that partly. If you can easy activate your account then this is not so bad practice, but in the same time, other people can't find you. Maybe the best way is go give people an options like they can deactivate their account or not.
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    No, I can return to the project after 3-5 years, and I will need my old account
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    This is largely great but it is useful for research to snoop abandoned profiles
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    it helps for people who are actually active
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    "Prolonged inactivity" is relative. Depending on number of years, I can agree or disagree.
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    I think it's a great idea. I have had so many issues trying to secure handles on instagram solely for this reason. The only workaround i've found has been to trademark the name and then go claim the account via trademark infringement. It's expensive and annoying so I think Twitter is saving people a lot of time and money for doing this.
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    I would agree on this policy from the respected twitter company because they are only filtering between human and bots that are created just to increase followers and popularity.
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