Clubhouse Just Established an Exclusive Deal With TED to Expand its Content Pool

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that Clubhouse may have lost its initial buzz, as the bigger players look to add in competing audio social elements and features designed to negate its growth, but the upstart platform still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Clubhouse has just announced that it's partnering with TED to share exclusive content from TED's roster of thought leaders and experts, which could help to keep users coming back to the app. This from Clubhouse:

"Beginning Monday, July 12th, TED will host a series of rooms via their official Clubhouse Club. They will commence the programming with Thank Your Ass Off, a weekly room hosted by New York Times bestselling author and popular TED speaker A.J. Jacobs and creative strategist and celebrated Clubhouse creator Mir Harris. The room builds upon an idea shared in a TED Talk and a book by Jacobs. It invites notable guests and the Clubhouse community to come together to "thank the unsung heroes of our lives." Additional rooms for the summer and beyond will be announced in the weeks ahead."
In May, Clubhouse hired Kelly Stoetzel, the former head of conferences and speaker curation at TED, as part of its talent sourcing team. Stoetzel had worked with TED for more than 17 years, and it's that connection that's paved the way for this new content partnership. Stoetzel added:

"For nearly forty years, TED has brought the world's preeminent ideas, imaginations and voices to audiences. This partnership will bring those minds into a dialogue with the millions of creators who make up the Clubhouse community."
Clubhouse downloads have slowed a lot since its early success, and much of its new growth comes from new markets, like India and Brazil. Having a stronger content line-up will help, no doubt, and it will likely see Clubhouse get more listeners coming back to the app. However, it's still in invite-only mode, which limits further growth.
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