Twitter Tests New Topic Tags to Spaces to Improve Discovery

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A new article on Social Media Today says that Twitter is looking to put more emphasis on its audio Spaces with the addition of a dedicated tab and new highlight tools. The platform is also focused on improving Spaces discovery and ensuring that each user is alerted to the most relevant, in-progress audio chats, aligned with their specific interests.

Twitter is currently testing a new option that would enable Spaces hosts to add topic tags to their Space, helping to maximize reach. When creating a Space, hosts will soon be able to add up to three topics related to the discussion, which will then highlight that Space to users interested in those subjects

Twitter Spaces topic tags

This move could prove to be crucial, because as people found with live-streaming while giving everyone the capacity to broadcast at any time can have major connection and engagement benefits; once everyone can stream, the overall quality gets diluted very fast. It can be hard for people to sift through the flood of broadcasts in order to find anything of relevance within the experience.

Twitter's Spaces are at risk of the same, and while it will also need to rely on algorithms to highlight the most relevant Spaces to each user, adding topics could be another way to filter the stream and sift out the best live discussions to tune into at any given time.
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