Facebook Messenger Turns Ten, Adds Four New Features

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that Facebook is adding new features for its 10th anniversary, including the ability to send cash and play games with friends.

As Facebook Messenger turns ten years old, the platform is adding four new features to enhance communication with friends, family, and colleagues. Among the new capabilities are a way to send and receive cash gifts, as well as a way to create polls in group chats.
  • 1. Send & Receive Cash Gifts: Facebook users in the US can now receive cash gifts directly through Messenger. When a friend sends you a cash gift for your birthday, you'll be notified on Messenger and Facebook with their gift message wrapped and accompanied by virtual balloons. Upon receiving a cash gift, you'll be asked to confirm your Facebook Pay details and the money will be instantly deposited into your bank account.
  • 2. Group Chat Poll Games: Facebook is bringing poll games to Messenger as a way for friends to stay entertained in group chats. Users can now play "Most likely to" in polls as a way to discover what their friends think about topics, like who is "most likely to send me cash on Facebook?" You can write in any prompt you want to poll your contacts about any topic.
  • 3. Birthday Expression Tools: Given that this update is released on Messenger's birthday, Facebook is adding many birthday-themed tools to the app. Messenger's new birthday chat theme, for example, comes with a specially curated sticker pack.
  • 4. New Way to Share Contacts: Facebook users can now share their contacts directly with their friends, which sounds like a perfect feature for networking events. Simply select the contact you want to share, access the chat settings, and tap Share Contact under the More Actions section.
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    Something good. But personally, I run away from anything that forces me to like them to get their "valuable content". If they want me as a customer, then make it easy to get the info I need.
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    This is a welcomed improvement in my opinion
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