What marketers can do next time a major social network goes down

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A new article on Martech.org reports that Facebook and Instagram's recent outage was one of the longest ever. But there's a lot that can be done to make sure you're prepared for the next blackout.

Instagram and WhatsApp were also affected in the recent outage, along with Messenger and Oculus VR. The cause seems to have been a DNS failure. During the downtime, social media managers and advertisers took to Twitter to bemoan the platform's blackout, many not sure what to do as the outage lingered on well past any previous platform glitches.

Back in 2019, we reached out to experienced social media strategists for advice on what advertisers should do in these circumstances. That advice (given from the positions and roles they held at the time) is still useful today. The 2019 outage prompted David Herrmann, co-owner and advertising director for Social Outlier, to enact new guidelines around how his team manages a social campaign when a platform goes down.

"As we've seen before with networks, typically downtime can range from a few minutes, up to an hour. Last Wednesday was very concerning. I've instructed my team to start pausing campaigns if a social network crosses the three-hour mark."
Monina Wagner is Content Marketing Institute's community manager:

"It may seem silly, but any social media manager or community manager experiencing problems with a channel should make sure it's not just them. Is your WiFi connectivity strong? Do you need to clear your cache, or reload the app? If our audience does not typically expect an immediate response on a channel, we approach the outage on a wait-and-see basis. If we commonly see a high number of requests on a channel, or if we regularly use it for conversations with our community, we take action."
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    Your customers seem relaxed and responsive, so that's your point that doesn't change. Disadvantages:

    WhatsApp is not yet very professional to use professionally.

    I will not want anyone creating a feed on WhatsApp. It may be spam to users.

    But, that's just my opinion. The best step would be to do some research. That will give you a better idea.

    regards: logonutility
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    I just went to my email list, sent out a broadcast, and had sales come in. This is why I believe in running both social media and email marketing.

    Brian Rooney
    TrafficWave.net Email Marketing AutoResponders
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    Sites going offline are very much normal and can happen to any website. When it is not working for you, it is not working for everyone. You should keep working on multiple platforms and must not depend on a single platform if you are serious about your business.
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      Well it's not normal for a site like Facebook to just go offline.

      "Not depend on a single platform"

      It also happens that Facebook is the largest social network. If they go down, where would people place their ads? MySpace? Multiply? Sure, Facebook has privacy issues but many people also use Facebook as their primary source of income.

      Originally Posted by digitalstar View Post

      Sites going offline are very much normal and can happen to any website. When it is not working for you, it is not working for everyone. You should keep working on multiple platforms and must not depend on a single platform if you are serious about your business.
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    I think it's best to prepare yourself for
    the future. There might be a cyber- pandemic soon
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    We need carefully prepare another marketing network such as Google Ads to prevent from impact of Facebook.
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    I personally think Facebook was an inside job. They pissed off alot of their own employees.

    But most of the smart minds do not want the Internet down...they want to GAME IT.

    Just like investors throw money at new coins and get totally ripped off with no recourse.


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    FB or other 'social media' going down is like the electricity going out for a while...

    You can panic and try to call and check with everyone to see 'what's going on'...you can spend hours doing that. Or you can do something else, write some articles, walk the dog, take a nap. You can't FIX the problem so why let it control you?

    Things - and sites - don't always work perfectly...sometimes they don't work at all for a few minutes or for hours. If FB being down is a huge trauma, you need to look at your priorities and ask whether your business is too dependent on 'social' media sites.
    Saving one dog will not change the world -
    but the world will be forever changed for that one dog.
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