Pinterest Launches New Holiday Marketing Hub to Assist with Your Campaign Planning

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that Pinterest has updated its holiday marketing hub for 2021, with a range of new resources and reference points to help optimize your Pin campaigns for the end-of-year push.

With eCommerce sales set to hit record highs in the period, Pinterest is well-placed to drive big results, with the platform already reaching new revenue and usage peaks throughout 2021. Pinterest notes that starting early is key to maximizing your holiday campaign success.

"Brands who start their holiday campaigns earlier in the season see a +6% incremental sales lift, and 4.7x more conversions compared to those that only focus on the later weeks."
According to Pinterest's data, shoppers are far more active before Cyber Monday (11/29), with 60% of all Pinterest-originated holiday sales occurring before that date in 2020.

"People on Pinterest are ready to go big for festive season 2021. They've already started planning - and Pinterest is their first stop for new ideas. People come to Pinterest first. And every year, the majority of sales influenced by Pinterest are complete by Cyber Monday. In 2020, 60% of sales happened by that time. The most effective festive season campaigns start in September, then include additional phases over time. Here's how to sequence your festive strategy so that you reach people throughout the entire season.

To maximise awareness among younger shoppers, Boursin partnered with Antoni Porowski, food influencer and star of Netflix's Queer Eye. The campaign paired close-ups of bite-sized snacks featuring Boursin cheese with clear branding and calls to action, learning to a 2% lift in aided brand awareness."
Pinterest has also created a new board of 'best in-class' creative campaign examples to help inform your strategic thinking. Pinterest has also included a campaign guide on which ad options are best for different objectives. Pinterest also says that the majority of sales are likely to happen over the next three and a half weeks, so now is the time to make your Pin push.
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    Pinterest is just at he beginning of their popularity. They have a big potential
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    thanks for the information!!
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    Is it just me or does anyone else have trouble telling the difference between Pinterest and Instagram? I somehow think its just me!
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    • Originally Posted by IM2Pat View Post

      Is it just me or does anyone else have trouble telling the difference between Pinterest and Instagram? I somehow think its just me!
      It's not just you. I think Instagram looks so much like Pinterest now. Instagram might even be pushing e-commerce harder to make more money for Meta
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  • I am posting the images in Pinterest. Still I am getting traffic from this great site. Pinterest is the great platform to show the graphic techniques and creativity also anybody can get design idea and unique product from this site.
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    Anyone here knows how to sort Pinterest boards where I can join?
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    Pinterest has been slowly climbing the top, can't wait for it to be there, also new features for pinterest would be awesome for its user.
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    This will surely benefit many users. With all the available suggestions on Pinterest, it must have been exhausting looking for the right inspiration, right?
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  • I am unaware of this. Great news to listen to from WARRIOR Forum. That's why I love WARRIOR. Thank you for sharing.
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    We've never really seen the point in this site. What do people use it for?
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    Can Pinterest delivery ad message in the aspect of selling new flat (e.g. The Yoho town in Hong Kong), with Photos of the show flat room posted ?
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