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by CPAmum
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I'm wondering if anyone in this forum will know if there are actually easy to use social media educational websites? Even better, websites that let people to practice posting as though on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Linked in, etc?

I'm talking about every one of them, especially as new ones popping up.

Very curious and good to be back here.

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    I am not sure if there are some sites that will actually allow you practicing, but as these social media are free, you can always make some some test profiles there and start creating some posts there to see how people react to it and to test do you even manage to attract relevant audience to your profile. This method I used when I started learning about social media marketing and it turned out really helpful, especially as you will also have some proof for the future clients or employeers that you did some projects on your own.
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      Good idea. Thanks!

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    Everyone is a bit different than others. Also there are different features. If you want to learn everything in details I would recommend you to work in a project with an expert team. You would learn a lot. Otherwise start your own micro business. Whatever you do you have to learn though practical projects.
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    I did the same thing as Klara when started my Instagram account. I made two test profiles and created different posts there.Then I tracked and analyzed people's reactions to the posts. It helped me understand how to make quality and interesting posts and how to increase followers on instagram. I learned how to manage my profile and publish content with a high conversion rate. You should defenitely try this free trick.
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