LinkedIn Shares New Research on Changing Approaches to Branding

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A new infographic on Social Media Today shows the value of branding from different different perspectives, and how each of these views are becoming more integrated as a result of the pandemic.

COVID lockdowns forced more people to work from home, which has sparked a new trend in recruitment, and in prospective employee expectation, while the increasing use of online outlets has also brought more aspects of branding closer together. Within this, LinkedIn says that brands need to consider how they imbue their brand DNA, in various forms, to ensure consistency.

"The most valuable brands are brands that tell a unified story. They show up consistently across audiences and touchpoints and the different dimensions of their brands have a hugely positive, cumulative effect."
It's an interesting perspective, and with more people now able to access more info and insight about your business than ever before, there likely is something to the concept of a more integrated, cumulative branding approach.

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