LinkedIn Adds New Tools for Creators, Including Improved Content Analytics and Updates Profile Video

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that LinkedIn has announced some new tools for creators, including improved content analytics, new profile video tools, newsletter showcase options, a subscriber bell for update notifications and more.

First off, on analytics - building on its existing Creator Mode tools, LinkedIn is adding more insights to help creators plan and optimize their on-platform content approach.

"From total impression numbers, to engagement statistics, creators can see what's working and where they may want to change their content strategy."
The new Creator Mode stats will provide a more in-depth overview of content performance, helping you to better understand what's resonating, and what's not, with your LinkedIn audience. In addition to this, LinkedIn's also rolling out improved post analytics:

"LinkedIn members have always been able to see analytics on posts, but now LinkedIn's adding a new level of detail. Members will see analytics detailed in a summary page, along with more in-depth data like impressions and reshares. This data is available for all post types, whether it's an article, video or simple text post."
More data is always better, and these improved insights options could play a big role in helping you better strategize in the app. LinkedIn's also adding more tools to help creators to build their audience, including improved profile video tools, and new metrics on profile video views.

LinkedIn will now display new prompts to help inspire users on what to share in their Profile Video, along with these updated view metrics. A new 'Profile Video ring' will now also be displayed in feed and search, so that people will be aware that you have a profile video active on your page, where they can learn more about you and your experience.

LinkedIn's also adding a 'Subscribe Bell', which will enable a creator's audience get alerts whenever they share something new, while it's also incorporating the capacity for creators to showcase their Newsletter in the 'Featured' section of their profile helping people to more easily discover and subscribe to their content.

LinkedIn added newsletters in Creator Mode back in November, and this new option will provide more capacity to build an audience with the option, and maximize your reach via the app. The battle for top creative talent has become a key focus for all the major social platforms - even those that don't necessarily seem like they're in competition, given their more niche focus. That's particularly true of LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, the top influencers are more business and professional development focused, which many would assume wouldn't play so well in other apps.
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