TikTok Academy is launched

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TikTok is introducing a new education program for marketers called 'TikTok Academy,' which offers free video classes on how to utilize TikTok for marketing, as well as research data and other material to help you better understand the app.

TikTok explains:

"Through TikTok Academy, we aim to provide robust learning opportunities to help teams become TikTok-savvy marketers by providing not just the "how-tos" of TikTok but also the key insights that will enable media and creative excellence on the platform. We know the TikTok community loves engaging with their favorite brands, so we want to deliver the tools and expertise to maintain this unique and engaging experience."
TikTok Academy, like Meta's Blueprint classes and Twitter's 'Flight School,' intends to educate marketers with crucial lessons to help them optimize their campaigns, as well as more in-depth notes on use patterns and behavioral shifts that are vital to grasp in a TikTok context.

To begin, users join up for TikTok Academy using a confirmed email address, which allows them to browse the platform's courses.

As you can see, there are now only two courses available: 'TikTok 101' and 'Small Business.' As part of the initial set of Academy programs, there will also be a 'Commerce' course available soon.

Course duration varies; for example, 'TikTok 101' takes between 2-4 hours to finish, whilst 'Small Business' may be done in approximately an hour. Though you could definitely scan through each one faster, the idea is to absorb the lessons in order to better grasp how to enhance your TikTok marketing efforts.

When you sign up for a course, you're given an overview plan to ensure you comprehend the entire breadth of what you'll study in each part.

Following that, you'll be guided through a series of movies on each aspect, followed by simple questions to test your understanding.

Which, for seasoned marketers, are rather simple:

Of course, the questions become more difficult as you progress, but the majority of them are rather straightforward - but remember, the goal is to absorb the information, not to speed-run it (which I did for this report).

Each module concludes with a token to honor your improved TikTok knowledge, with badges rewarded for completing the whole course.

What do you think?
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  • It looks interesting. It's a non-threatening way of approaching social media, especially for business owners who want to do it themselves.
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    I just checked it out and it looks interesting, although I find it too basic and ad-oriented... It would be nice if they added more content over time, especially on new features, because they tend to reward users who use the new features with more reach and engagement
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