Advantage+ shopping campaign is rolled out

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This Christmas season, Meta is trying to help advertisers reach more prospective consumers with the debut of Advantage+ shopping campaigns, which depend on automation to discover the correct demographics for your advertising rather than complicated, manual targeting.

Advantage+ shopping campaigns are meant to make ad creation easier by handling audience targeting and ad creative components for you. Simply enter the campaign dates and budget, as well as your creative assets, and Meta's machine learning-powered algorithms will take care of the rest.

"Rather than manually testing many campaigns and parsing through separate targeting, creative, placements and budget setups, advertisers can now more quickly and efficiently create up to 150 creative combinations at once by setting up a single Advantage+ shopping campaign."
The algorithm will produce up to 150 creative choices based on your existing creative assets, and you will be able to determine which versions would perform better in various places.

It places a lot of faith on Meta's technologies for ad targeting and reaching the correct audiences. However, Meta claims that it works.

"We've found that 52% of surveyed consumers want to find brands and products they haven't heard about that also align with their shopping preferences [while] 60% of online shoppers want shopping experiences to be personalized based on their unique interests and preferences. Advertisers can use Advantage+ shopping campaigns to personalize ads at scale through machine learning and show people personalized products from your catalogs in a privacy-safe way."
More information regarding Advantage+ shopping campaigns may be found here, or see the summary below.

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