For the umpteenth time, LinkedIn reports 'record engagement' in latest performance update

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What a surprise: LinkedIn has once again reported'record engagement' in its parent firm Microsoft's latest earnings report.

That's positive for LinkedIn, which has seen sustained gains in in-app activity - but it's worth noting that Microsoft has reported'record levels' of engagement growth for the app for the last 16 quarters, which somewhat dilutes the significance.

Because there are no actual statistics, there is no way to measure what'record engagement' implies. There is a notice that LinkedIn sessions increased by 24%, but you would anticipate that with LinkedIn adding more users, right?

In actuality, I have no clue what this map reflects because LinkedIn was stopped down in China last October as a result of escalating CCP pressure on international corporations operating in the region. So I'm not sure why LinkedIn claims to still have 57 million members in China - perhaps those are users of its job board app, which it introduced in place of LinkedIn itself?

In any case, due to a lack of contextual cues that would demonstrate its performance, it's difficult to make any true judgment of what LinkedIn's usage statistics signifies.

According to Microsoft, LinkedIn is performing well based on its approach to content trends and interaction, as well as optimizing utilization through multiple techniques.

While other applications have rushed to match themselves with new behavioral patterns, with short-form video taking primacy in particular, LinkedIn, as usual, has evolved at a slower pace. This reduces its interaction potential in certain respects, but given LinkedIn's more professional focus, it also makes sense.

Clearly, based on its usage statistics, LinkedIn has been able to strike the proper balance for the majority of users thus far. And there may be even more opportunities ahead.
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