What's your opinion: is social media becoming "less social" and "more media"?

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A new article on Social Media Today asks what's the difference between social media and entertainment, and on which side of the fence do the major platforms sit?

What's the difference between social media and entertainment, and on which side of the fence do the major platforms sit?

When you really think about it, is Instagram a social app, or an entertainment platform? What about Snapchat, or TikTok?

Increasingly, it's algorithms that are defining what we see in each app, and in that respect, it's more about straight-up entertainment than it is about staying up to date with your friends. But what does that mean for the broader social media industry, and how marketers go about re-aligning their approach within this shift?

I'd love to hear some opinions on this.
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    Social is the key word . Everyone on social media is some what social including the big brands

    Social is the communication aspect of it and media is the entertainment side of it .
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    In response to that - - I find that the word community includes children, adolescents, youth and the elderly - these are the categories that represent society, so the entertainment sites are filled with the category of children, adolescents and young adults to some extent
    As for the elderly and a group of young people, they began to become satiated with these programs, and they now prefer face-to-face social communication in parks, beaches, malls, and so on.
    Therefore, I saw that the future of these programs will have few visitors
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    Well i think its became more media because more and more build start to build business on social media
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      I agree with you. It is really easier to advertise your business on social networks. Also, it is easy to start a business there.
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    I think media is becoming more by the social interaction of individuals...
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  • Social media has become mainstream media's biggest competition in the today's marketing arena, by supplying internet marketers and advertising agencies additional cheap/affordable traffic sources.

    Therefore it only makes sense for social media websites like tik tok, Instagram, Facebook reels and YouTube shorts to hit you with mind numbing useless content/entertainment, in order for their ad sponsors' ad campaigns to land up right infront of you and the rest of their target audience/market.
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  • Media is how social platforms make money. I think it's an inevitable progression for sites if they want to grow bigger and make money.
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    I can say social media platforms are the way to reach out to many viewers and potential customers if you want to improve your business. You make people aware that you have something in you such as products or services that can be a solution to a need or problem. In personal level, it's both entertaining and informative because you can gain something which you can use for your ownself. Examples will be the DIY you see on reels, the content the creators share or the videos and photos you watch while searching for your next travel or purchase. However, the downside of frequent use of social media especially in the relationship is that people tend to be more attached on their phone even they're in front of the food and other important conversation. The personal interaction is not as strong as before the advent of the phones and social media applications. Mostly, people are distracted.
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    I think so as well. I mean, it becomes less social. But we need to define what 'social' is. Is it showing ourselves to other people? Is it watching other people's media? If yes - then it doesn't become less social.
    But if under 'social' we mean communication and getting new friends - yes. Have you tried to contact people on Instagram you don't know personally? How often are you getting black-listed?
    Or try, for example, to find someone on Facebook, whose name is John (for example) who studied with you at the same university and actually was your university friend. Facebook's search is so awful, that it will show literally everyone except the people you're searching for
    And yes, you correctly said about the algorithms and entertainment.
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