Will Twitter eventually crash?

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A new article on Social Media Today asks if Twitter will make it through the next week, as Soccer World Cup discussion increases server demand?

Right now, Twitter is operating with 36% of the staff it had been before Elon Musk took over at the app - maybe even less given Musk's latest firings in its sales department. Twitter has reportedly gone from 7,500 staff in September to around 2,700 now, and many former staffers have warned that the app could crash, potentially forever, as a result of increased strain.

But it hasn't, as Musk continues to tout 'record high' usage rates.

So, will it actually go down? There is some good information in this article, but I'd like to get your thoughts please?
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    It's all conjecture by people who don't work with Musk - it's the latest pastime on social media and in 'journals' who need to keep up the flow of 'news'.

    The initial 'report' on this was almost a month ago - and the basis was that Twitter might not keep up with FIFA traffic BECAUSE so many employees had 'quit'.

    Most who 'quit' were being fired anyway. What Musk has clearly shown is how top heavy Twitter was with employees.

    If Twitter should crash and burn - the world won't stop and neither will the internet. The 'issue' and the reason there are so many articles predicting the demise of twitter is purely based on the sunshine that Musk has been shining on previous Twitter management.

    There are some who will continue to attack twitter and predict its demise in the goal of hiding abuses of the past. I don't think Musk will allow that to work.
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    Why would it crash?, there are many happy users which are using it as usual nothing change for them!
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    today no incidents reported
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    No i dont think it will crash .Twitter its a very big company to crash so easy
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    Maybe because after cutting their staff they are now asking for $8 a month for users to subscribe in order to have their tweets and stuff have higher priority. It may crash as people begin to flock to free sites similar to Twitter. People do not want to pay the social media service they have been used to using for free. Almost sounds like they are in financial difficulty.
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    Probably not (right now). In public comments, owner Elon Musk continues to express confidence. Overnight, he said the company had "just hit another all-time high in Twitter usage" -- a high presumably related to the number of people tweeting about Twitter.
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    As the truth is revealed about the back room dealings at Twitter - some blogs and sites are predicting 'it will crash'? Why? Because there are large elements who don't WANT the back room dealings between Twitter and govt and etc to be made public. If you can't prevent the message - try to destroy the messenger.

    I would think 'social media today' would figure that out.
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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    According to recent situation this may be happen in the future but i believe this wont happen
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    100% it would be
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