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Want to boost your social media marketing performance in 2023?

One of the most significant developments on Twitter in recent years has been the de-prioritization of hashtags, at least according to Twitter's own staff. And given these new changes, here are quick tips for posting on the bird platform.
  1. Keep it short and sweet: Twitter has a 280-character limit, so make sure your message is clear and concise.
  2. Use hashtags: Hashtags make it easy for people to find tweets on a particular topic.
  3. Add images or videos: Visual content can help your tweet stand out and make it more engaging.
  4. Engage with others: Respond to tweets, retweet and like other tweets to build relationships on the platform.
  5. Be consistent: Regularly post tweets to keep your followers engaged and up-to-date on what you're doing.
  6. Keep an eye on analytics: Use the built-in analytics feature to track your tweet's performance and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  7. Be mindful of timing: Post when your followers are most active to maximize engagement.

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